Zero Trust AI™

Advanced analytics at no cost to data privacy and security

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Privacy First AI

A Privacy-First Approach to Artificial Intelligence

By combining breakthroughs in Cryptography and Machine Learning, we empower organizations to perform sophisticated AI directly on encrypted data, without ever decrypting them.

How It Works

User encrypts data to create ciphertexts. Encryption is based on cryptography that is secure even against quantum attacks.

Service provider runs AI directly on ciphertexts using our proprietary platform. Results are automatically encrypted under user's key.

User decrypts data using secret key. Results are the same as if performed on plaintexts.

Unlock New Opportunities

Organizations use Inferati to address security requirements from customers, apply AI on private data, and open new opportunities for collaboration. Our Zero Trust AI™ platform ensures data can safely be shared and never decrypted by any external party, including service providers.

Unlock New Opportunities

Use Cases

Private Natural Language Processing

Private Document Analytics

Apply Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing on encrypted text documents to extract insights without exposing information

Private Insight Monetization

Secure Insight Monetization

More easily provide insights on data that were previously inaccessible due to issues around privacy, security, regulation, and cost

Private Predictive Healthcare

Confidential Medical Diagnosis

Securely provide predictive diagnosis on encrypted medical records to improve overall patient health and accelerate value-based care

Features & Benefits

Unlock new data access opportunities and improve sales

Protect data with robust, quantum-safe encryption

Benefit from the same capabilities of AI

Easily comply with privacy regulation

Preserve privacy of both input and output data

Minimize breach impact, data cannot be decrypted

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